AIを含む先端IT技術を活用したアプリ開発とコンサルティングの提供会社 - 株式会社Definer Company For delivering the IT Application and IT Consulting using cutting edge technology including AI - Definer Inc.



【Accelerate Small Team,Initial Trying In Scalable, Speedy Ways. 】

Kentaro Sakamoto, Representative Of the Company Definer has many experiences for delivering the IT Product f for Big Excellent Company Such as Fortune 500 in the Global IT Consulting Firm. He has been working as full stack architect for delivering the IT Products using cutting edge technology such as AI, and realized scalable ways are needed for SME also.Trying New Things, Initial Conditions are same for any circumstances.Therefore, Kentaro Sakamoto Decided to Deliver the Scalable Speedy IT Products for SME.


1. PrismScaler deliver the Cloud Service POC Environment in 5 Minutes.
2. You can choose the templates showed on our platform which satisfy  your business needs.
3. Entering your CLI Credentials of your AWS Or GCP, choosing the  templates, and generate your environment.


Where there’s a will, There’s a way.
Let’s reach out,and Make it Easy.
Find Soon, Commit Your Future.


Company Name Definer Inc.
Industry Delivering the IT Consulting Or IT Product using sophisticated technology.
Representative Kentaro D. Sakamoto
Location 〒102-0074
1-5-6 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Resona Kudan Building 5F KS Floor