Our policy on customer harassment

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Our policy on customer harassment

We would like to introduce our efforts against customer harassment.
We will continue to engage in creative activities using technology with more customers and business partners, and will communicate our company policy regarding customer harassment so that we can coexist and prosper together.

1.Our features

Definer provides support for companies with multi-cloud, data analysis, AI (natural language processing, image processing, generative models), modern web application development, etc.
As a group of highly rated software engineers, we use our ability to make proposals tailored to business issues and the know-how we have accumulated and formalized to help our customers streamline and maximize their business activities by utilizing digital technology. We have provided continuous business support.

2.Our Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is “integrity, transparency, professionalism, and speed.”
This means that we strive for consistent communication and behavior not only within the company, but also outside the company. Good relationships with quality customers and business partners are essential to continuously provide better service, and are also essential to achieving our code of conduct.

3.Our policy on customer harassment

We would like to be “partners who value human resources and technology” with our customers. However, a small number of customers may experience the following actions. We consider acts that harm our colleagues as “serious acts of nuisance from customers, etc.”
・Very unreasonable demands
・Authoritarian attitude (sermon)
・Things that are socially unacceptable
・Long-term restraint
– Complaints that repeat the same content over and over again
・Abusive language
・Slander on SNS and the Internet, etc.
If any of the above acts occur, I am afraid that
・We may decline or cancel the transaction.
・We may contact and report the police, lawyers, and other people involved with the person who caused the above-mentioned act (e.g., business managers, SNS platform operators, etc.), or request them to take action.
In addition, we will take the following measures to prevent ourselves from becoming perpetrators or victims of harassment.
・Care for members who are suffering from or appear to be suffering from mental health problems (as needed)
・Employee satisfaction survey/result sharing (once every six months)
・Implement internal improvement activities ・Share improvement status (as needed)
・Implementation of training related to various types of harassment (as needed)
・Establishment of a consultation desk/consultation system regarding customer harassment (as needed)
・Cooperation with external experts (industrial physicians, etc.) (as needed)

4.A request from us

In order to coexist and co-prosper with many customers, we take care not to engage in acts of harassment ourselves.
We ask our customers to be aware of harassment and to work together with us in creative activities and aim for breakthroughs as “comrades who value human resources and technology” while complying with laws and regulations. .
Compliance reporting/consultation desk:assistant@definer-inc.com
・For the protection of the person making the call, the fact that there has been a report or consultation and its contents will be kept confidential unless necessary for the investigation.
・We will take great care to ensure that whistleblowers/consulters do not suffer any disadvantages because they have consulted with this hotline.
・As a general rule, please report and consult using your real name. Even if you report or consult anonymously, we will check the details, but please be aware that we may not be able to fully investigate.

Additional notes

We refer to the following regarding this company policy.(Under titles are translation from originals.)
Labor Contract Law Article 5
Guidelines for measures that employers should take in employment management regarding problems caused by behavior based on superior relationships in the workplace (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Notification No. 5 of 2020) (June 1, 2020) (as of application)
To prevent harassment in the workplace (sexual harassment/harassment related to pregnancy, childbirth, childcare leave, etc./power harassment)
UA Zensen’s anti-harassment efforts – Focusing on customer harassment –