Kentaro Sakamoto

阪本 健太郎代表取締役/CEO/CTO

Definer Inc. / Founder / CEO / CTO
Founded to make Japan as the IT advanced country.

Born in the Scaesdale, New York

He has a father who worked in a key position in a major US investment bank, and grows up in his mother’s family who is a lecturer in an English cram school. Following the divorce of parents in childhood, it changed from a millionaire family to a poor mother-child family.

Since graduating from college with government tuition assistance and aspire to contribute to the “Nation of Japan”.

From Accenture Strategy & Consulting

Joined a new graduate at a Global IT consulting company, and was promoted in one year with a top evaluation. He experienced multiple AI solutions to the Japanese public listed company, unicorn company, Fortune500, etc., and became independent in 2020.

Graduated from Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Nagoya University (GPA 3.47)

He wants to be a scholar who contributes to society, and learned business management and international development classes, while studying the Faculty of Science with the top grades, having Internships in an IT startups, an independent VC (now Headline ASIA).

Full stack engineer and PDM

“Creation of 30 million yen a month in a new business, sales of hundreds of millions of yen a year”, “Solution design using AI and automation of IT infrastructure construction”, “Full remote management about India, China, Vietnam, Vietnam”. “Released multiple solutions of several hundred million yen as a product manager to the market.”

Hong Quan Dao

クアン・ダオTechLead of BE

Dao has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions and leading successful teams over 4 years. Before Definer Inc. he leads Data Science Team in Primary Bank in Vietnam, and Back End Team in Software Development company. He holds degrees from major universities in Vietnam and has completed graduate studies in India on scholarship.

Hidetoshi Takano


He is an outside director of a listed company and a qualified institutional investor.
He graduated from Tohoku University with a degree in Economics.

Joined Intelligence in 1999 and established Key Players in 2005.

He has counseled over 4,000 executives and over 11,000 individuals in career counseling. He has been an outside director, advisor, and angel investor in more than 55 companies in the past, including Medley and Cloudworks, in Japan, Silicon Valley, and Bangladesh.

[Reference] Key Players official website:


Katsuhiro Ago

吾郷 克洋事業戦略 アドバイザー

Group CEO, Enrise Corporation

1975 Born in Hiroshima, Japan

1998 After graduating from university, joined a venture company and went public

2001 Participated in the start-up of an IT company and became COO

2012 Established Enrise Corporation

2020: Established a business holding company and became a group of 5 companies including 4 operating companies

Takuya Oikawa

及川 卓也PdM アドバイザー

Representative Director, Tably Corporation

In 1993, he participated in the development of the Japanese version of Windows NT 3.1 at Microsoft’s headquarters in the U.S. He then moved to Microsoft Japan in 1997, where he developed Windows and Windows-related products. In 1997, he moved to Microsoft Japan, where he developed Windows and Windows-related products, eventually overseeing the development of both Japanese and Korean versions of Windows.

In 2006, he moved to Google, where he worked as a product manager and engineering manager for about 9 years. As an engineering manager, he was in charge of Chrome, Chrome OS, and Google Japanese input.

In 2012, he was featured in NHK’s Professional Work Style. In the same year, he was selected as one of the Nikkei Business “”100 people who will create the next generation.

NHK Professional Work Style 173 (aired January 23, 2012) “If you don’t challenge it, you won’t get it” (Takuya Oikawa, IT engineer)

✅ Nikkei Business, October 29, 2012 issue

2015 Joined Increments, which operates “Qiita,” an information sharing community service for programmers, and worked as a product manager before going independent.

2019 Founded Tably, Inc. to support corporate and social transformation through technology.

Tably official website:

Author of.

Software First: The Most Powerful Strategy to Transform Any Business” (Nikkei BP)

All About Product Management: From Business Strategy, IT Development, UX Design, Marketing to Team and Organization Management” (Shoeisha)

Suguru Namura

名村 卓GCP アドバイザー

Former Chief Engineer, CyberAgent
Former CTO of Mercari

He started system development at a SIer while still in school, then dropped out of university to work at a company. After moving to CyberAgent, he launched new services such as AmebaPig, AWA, and AbemaTV as a lead engineer. After being in charge of the development of the US version of Mercari, he was appointed CTO, and from January 1, 2021, he will be the CTO of ZENKIGEN Co.

Ken Kasegawa

紣川 謙 XaaS アドバイザー

President of CustomerPerspective, Inc. Digital strategy and marketing consultant.
Visiting professor at Musashino University, Faculty of Data Science.


Mr. Kato began his career as a management strategy consultant at Booz Allen & Hamilton. After earning an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he worked as a Vice President at Citigroup and then as the Representative Director of eBay New Venture.

In 2007, he joined Amazon Japan, where he was responsible for marketing, driving customer attraction and sales growth.

After serving as Vice President and General Manager of Consumer Marketing Division, he expanded the Prime business as General Manager of Prime Business Division. At the same time, he promoted customer-driven CX improvement initiatives as a leader in Japan.

In 2018, he founded CustomerPerspective Inc. ( He advises companies in various industries, from startups to publicly listed companies. His support topics include digital strategy, marketing, and XaaS/subscription business building. He is also active as a speaker, author, and startup investor.

Mori Kazutaka

森 和考法務 アドバイザー

International Lawyer

Worked at a law firm in Osaka (Mercury General) for about 6 years, where his main practice was M&A and business law.

He is engaged in Asian legal affairs with a focus on Singapore, and advises on cross-border M&A, expansion and supervision in Asia.

In recent years, he has been increasingly involved in advisory work related to cutting-edge businesses such as fintech. In particular, the firm receives many requests related to virtual currency in Asia, including advice on regulations and dealing with authorities for the establishment of virtual currency exchanges in ASEAN countries, structuring ICOs based on the regulations of each country, reviewing white papers, drafting required documents such as SAFTs and terms of use in accordance with the laws of each country, and providing advice on the operation and management of opining offices in Asia. The firm provides services such as drafting of documents and opinions based on the laws of each country, including SAFT and terms of use.

Minoru Sengoku

仙石 実ファイナンス アドバイザー

Representative of Minami Aoyama Advisory Group

Certified Public Accountant / Certified Tax Accountant / Certified Internal Auditor / AIPE Certified Intellectual Property Analyst

2002 Joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (now Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC). Engaged in various statutory auditing services for companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, IPO support services, and training services for external parties.

In 2013, he established Minami Aoyama Group (currently Minami Aoyama Advisory Group) consisting of Minami Aoyama FAS K.K. and Minami Aoyama Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Corporation under the management philosophy of “expertise,” “integrity,” and “speed.

The company has more than 1,000 cases of experience in IPO, M&A, and business succession consulting, as well as in accounting and tax support for many clients, both listed and unlisted.

In 2020, the firm was selected as one of the “Best Professional Firms 2020” to honor Japan’s leading accounting firms.